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A voice that brings soulful, insightful, healing, soothing, and inspiring songs to life, and that dances through rhythms, melodies, and sounds, creating a bouquet of original a cappella songs.


Listening to Ute Bonn sing I was transported to deep inner realms, as well as lifted into places of spirited laughter. Her voice is a kaleidoscope of textures and tones, and with her talent for creating vocal rhythms, she is a one-woman orchestra. Writing all her own music, Ute is adept at singing moving ballads, improvising with her self-looping percussive vocals, and creating sweet, layered harmonies. Ute fills the stage with grace and warmth. Her concerts include multimedia presentations and audience participation, so everyone gets to sing. Ute’s concerts are her special gift to healing the world through music.

Janet R.

“Ute’s performance was strong in every sense. Her impressive stage presence carried small mishaps with bubbling ease and supporting smiles. She is very talented, gifted with a beautiful voice that has such profound depth that it carries one to the deeper waters of the human soul. Her potential is far reaching and I felt the power of much more to come. I highly recommend to see her musical performance. A true treat.”

Elke R.

Body Therapist

Ute’s innovative, spunky performances are a treat for ears and eyes, sure to touch your heart and soul and make you feel like dancing! We fully enjoyed her unique blend of a cappella creations, improvisation and humor. Her songs are soulful and deeply felt, as well as light hearted and full of fun. Ute is a highly talented singer, composer and performer. Her star is sure to rise – catch her while you can!

Karin and Daniel R.

“Ute’s voice is like a waterfall of silk, showering me with delightful sounds of raw truth and female wisdom. Ute’s love of life comes alive on stage; she drew me most willingly into her magical world of sound, humor and visual delight.”

Katie LB.

I know how many friends enjoyed Ute’s concert last month. She received a heartfelt ovation! She is fun, inspiring and heart warming and most of all, so real. She does sing straight from her soul: “Heart to heart, soul to soul, spirit to spirit.”

Andrea vdL