In Groups or Workshops


Music has its own language. It is energy. Music without words can guide you even deeper into a meditative or relaxing state - no words to focus on or try to understand - just merging with the sound, surfing the musical waves.
I have supported groups in meditative settings with my music - either by starting out, during, or at the end of a meditation. When I sing - or sound - in this situation, I mostly improvise the music. I feel the energy of the group and allow the music that is appropriate and supportive to come through me and to benefit everyone's experience. This has been a new development for me.



Sometimes groups need a shift in energy - after a meditative and quiet space there might be a need of movement and using one's voice.

I have facilitated musical/movement experiences for groups - getting everyone up on their feet and giving out different and interweaving musical parts, combined with movement has transformed the energy into a lively and interactive group activity. It transported people into a different physical and mental state – the energy was up and moving.



In the summer of 2009, I attended the Women's Awakening Initiative weekend in Crestone, Colorado. Ute was performing several times over the course of the three-day event. What struck me the most was her natural ability to create a flow state among a very diverse group of women: under her guidance, we were spontaneously falling into stunningly beautiful harmonies! Her gift for having people explore fearlessly the range of their own voice while connecting deeply with others via music is quite special. I hope she will have many more opportunities to share it!
Verena Schwarz, Artist

"Ute has the uncanny ability to harmonize, not only so beautifully in her own singing, but also in the way she brings people to raise their vibration in following her song and - harmonize, with their devine selves."
Annette Cantor, Singer

Ute sang for us during the retreat at the Zen center in Crestone 2009. Her voice is soulful, healing, soothing and inspiring and opens your soul to dance and celebration.
Sharon Landrith, Satsang Teacher, Medical Intuitive