Ute Bonn is a songwriter, producer, recording and performing a cappella artist. She created her own style of music with a uniqueness that comes through in each song. Her multi-colored voice weaves the songs together with lush harmonies and rhythmic vocal backgrounds, making them come alive and touch the heart of her listeners. On her recordings, she uses multi-tracks to create a rich and engaging sound using only her own voice, and performs with a looping device to multiply her voice during her stage-performances.


I SEE MYSELF - from the CD On My Own - created by Chris Yonge, StudioCruz

WHAT WOULD LOVE DO - from the CD On My Own - live recording by Living Successfully

PRAYER - from the CD "...with my eyes closed"

WhatWouldLoveDo - African Version- now available as download



"In the Silo and Beyond "
This is an experimental album. In September of 2018, Kate Hunt (violin), Charles Gooch (percussion), Alexander Bowling (recording) and I (vocals) met at a silo in Alabama. The sound in there was amazing. We had not practiced anything and just spent the afternoon improvising, being guided by the spirit of the silo. An owl was sitting near the roof, looking down at us in encouragement. This album shows the results of that afternoon. Later on we added more harmonies, percussion and other string instruments to make the songs more complete. In addition, we recorded an A Capella piece (all my voice) called HAPPINESS and an A Capella mix with instruments called BEAUTIFUL. Have a listen and see if you can relate to the music.

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"Love is the Answer- Single"
This song is about finding back to who we truly are, forgive and live in peace The artists on this song are: Ute Bonn, Voicedancer: Lead vocals, female vocals, Kpanlogo drum, Native American drum, Tibetan Singing Bowl; Harvey Thompson Jr.: Piano, vocals; Shiv Hattangadi: Tablas, vocals; Kate Hunt: Cello, violin; Jason Hall: vocals; Charles Gooch: Doumbek, Bougarabou drum; Jimmy Nutt: Shakers

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"Life is a Miracle"
Recorded mostly near Muscle Shoals, AL, is not an A Cappella CD. It is a collaboration with the following musicians: Bryan Farris-Guitar, Kevin Sledge-Bass, Jimmy Nutt-Percussion, Isaac Hirt-Manheimer-African Drums and Shakers, Pete Solomon-Horn Section, Kate Hunt-Violin and Viola, Harvey Thompson-Piano, Sean Collin-NativeAmerican Drum and Flute and Friends from Ghana
Debbie N.-B.: "Wonderful CD! Your voice sounds amazing! The musicians are great! Your songs are so uplifting with a powerful message. Congrats Ute!"

Isaac H-M.: "My family and I are listening to the new album. It is brilliant. Your voice is powerful and the production quality is first-rate. Bravo."

Chris Y.: "I just realized I never wrote to say how much I love your latest CD. I've been wearing the player out listening to it again and again. Your voice is lovely, the lyrics are thoughtful, and the melody and harmony just keep coming back. Well done!"

Colleen K.: "Gorgeous CD— so very inspirational diverse and harmonious — beautiful voices, sweet harmonies…wonderful words— and wonderful you…. thank you"

Lois dM.: "I love your Cd! Your voice is so rich and the energy is terrific. While I was waiting in the morning to go for sur/gery I played your CD and found it inspiring and it made me feel more peaceful and as if it would all be OK. You have a beautiful gift!"
Bren R.: "Ute, I meant to tell you this earlier in the week but in my "crazy" world I'm just getting to it. I'm listening to your CD everyday on my rides and it's made me feel so peaceful and know that everything is OK. It's a wonderful form of meditation for me. I was going through a minor panic attack while running to and fro earlier this week. I opened up itunes and started playing whatever was first in the list. Made it worse, then I went to the next, then the next...then your album came up next..........calmed me...I felt as if I was in the arms of God...and together, we got this. Every song resonates with me. And it has come, of course, at the perfect time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent. If it's helping me through this tough time, there's millions of others it could also help."

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What Would Love Do - African Version

"What Would Love Do - African Version"
The latest song - recorded in Accra, Ghana in May 2013 with African musicians - a wonderful remake of my original song from 2004

Available as download only

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"...with my eyes closed"
The latest CD - got released in 2010. Meditative, relaxing sounds created in the moment!

All, but one, songs are without words - just sounds!

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Life has so much to offer us! I am singing these songs as an appreciation of life and a gift to YOU

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"Heartaches & Other Pleasures" holds 18 orignal songs about love, life and relationships - about the different facets like falling in love, disappointment, anger, sadness, letting go and being at peace and loving again. Ute uses her own deep-felt experiences in these songs as her way of processing and healing.

"I listen to Ute’s Heartaches and Other Pleasures, singing directly from her soul to mine. I am deeply moved. I dance and smile my love, my truth, inspired by the rich and true beauty of her soul’s voice erasing all traces of separation. Her heartfelt process reflects us all. It is my pleasure and my honor to bear witness to Ute’s awakening."
Andrea vdL.

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On My Own has 12 songs all, but one, originals. Voicedancer's voice dances through these fun, meditative, relaxing and healing songs about love, life, trust and more. This is her debut as an independent recording artist.

Debbie N.-B.:
"What a great surprise to have your CD in my basket and listen to it on the way home last night and the way to work this morning. Your voice sounds so amazing and the message of the songs is just what this world needs now! I especially love the last two songs--Track 11 really blows me away!!! I hope you can get it out there in the world---the world needs to hear it. It is so wonderful to know you over the years and see how you have really embraced and embodied your voice and Spirit. May Spirit continue to flow through you so that you can touch and inspire others. Thank you for this precious gift, Debbie"

Andy Z.:
"Just wanted to jot you a note that I listened to your CD and was VERY impressed. I had no idea you had all those voices inside you! Great songs, cool arrangements, and absolutely great vocal versatility! I am jealous of Pete that he got to record such a fun sounding record!"

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"Into the Rhythm"
produced by Debbie Nargi-Brown.
40 songs from different parts of the world, and original songs by Debbie Nargi-Brown and Ute Bonn, Voicedancer
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